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Other Value-Added Services

Other Value-Added Services

Third party testing facilities
Assurance in the independent distribution industry, one of the biggest concerns is quality assurance. Pro-IC can provide the most professional testing report from the third party testing facilities if there is any disputed issue on quality of product. All in all, we are sparing no effort to ensure that customers can receive the best quality products when buying components from Pro-IC.

Tape and Reeling Service
Tape and Reel is a process of packing surface mount devices (SMD's) by loading them into individual pockets comprising what is known as a pocket tape or carrier tape. The units are sealed in the carrier tape with a cover tape, usually by heat or pressure. 
PRO-IC is able to re-taping the bulk or tube parts into Tape&Reel packaging to meet customer’s production requirement.

Baking & Vacuum Packing
To ensure that the devices arrive in perfect condition, vacuum packing and baking is necessary to some moisture sensitive parts. Pro-IC is able to provide customers baking and vacuum packing service to meet customer’s SMT production requirement.